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Dock Types

Wahoo Docks offers two dock types: The Cat 5 dock and the Cat 3 dock. Both of our docks combine premium materials and custom components with world-class engineering and state-of-the-art welding to create boat docks that are absolutely unparalleled for strength and beauty.

Although these two docks are different in some regards, there are some things you can rely on, no matter which model you choose.


Both models of Wahoo Docks are expertly engineered using marine-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, with patented* corner extrusions. Both the CAT 5 and the CAT 3 incorporate our patented* noise-reduction bushings into the metal contact points. There are a host of design and color options available with every Wahoo Dock, including more than 8 decking choices, over 20 roof colors, and unlimited layout designs! Every dock we make is finished with the finest attention to detail, and we offer a warranty that is unparalleled. You can be confident that your Wahoo Dock will be built with precision and care — AND it will look brand new for many years to come!
*Patent Numbers: 7806630, 8157480, and 8668407

There are some key differences in the two models that will help you determine which Wahoo Dock is right for you.

  • Cat 5
  • Cat 3

Our CAT 5 is the industry leader in aluminum boat docks. No other aluminum floating boat dock even compares to our CAT 5 dock. If you want a top-of-the-line boat dock, our CAT 5 is the clear choice. The CAT 5 can handle severe environmental conditions.


The CAT 5 features a 9” aluminum mainframe with interlocking connections that dovetail together to provide extra strength that extends far beyond just the weld points. The 9” channel actually has a feature that supports the decking load without relying on welds for strength. Additionally, welded corners and intermediate receivers provide integral fastening for roof poles, which gives our docks extra stiffness without using unsightly diagonal bracing.

We also use 6” channel for even more bracing to further distribute the weight load and minimize the stress on our weld points.

Maximum Flotation

Because the CAT 5 has more metal in its frame, it also has more standard flotation to support the extra weight. Besides the buoyancy, the extra floats contribute to the dock’s stability and stiffness.

Extra Design Options

Because it’s our luxury model, there are some design features that we offer standard on the CAT 5 that aren’t available on the CAT 3 dock. For example, only on the CAT 5 can you find DryJoist structural roofing underlay, which creates an upper deck that won’t allow water to seep through to the level below. Another premium feature that comes standard is painted picket railing on any CAT 5 dock with an upper deck.