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Connection Options

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Shore Connections

Piano Hinge

3D Piano Hinge Dock Connection Render

The Piano Hinge is our most common option for connecting a dock to a gangway. To achieve maximum strength, utility and aesthetics, Wahoo has developed a proprietary hinge arrangement that interlocks the components so that the stress is transferred across the entire length of the hinge and not just on individual welds. The hinge pin rings fit in an extruded rail designed for this purpose, further strengthening the connection. Additionally, we co-extrude our stainless steel hinge pin with an HDPE sheath to insulate metal-to-metal contact and ensure a noiseless hinge for the life of your dock.

Piano hinge side view Piano hinge top view Piano hinge on aluminum dock

Optional Items

Extended Width

Gangways are typically 3' or 4' in width. However, 6' wide gangways offer significantly more room for passage and can even provide room for fishing and other activities. Perhaps more importantly, the additional width can be added relatively cheaply. If wider gangways are acceptable to your local regulatory agency, we encourage you to consider an extended width gangway.

Benefits of a Wider Gangway

  1. Increased functionality
  2. Additional room for comfortable passage and activities
  3. Sturdy Construction
  4. Our extended width gangways are built to the identical standards as our narrower gangways in terms of performance, durability, and strength

3" x 3" Structural Tubing

Our gangways that use 3" x 3" Structural Frame are significantly stronger than our standard Residential gangways. When combined with Underbracing, a 3" x 3" Structural Framed gangway can create an incredibly strong span and is ideal for commercial operations or applications where small equipment is required to use the gangway.

Cable Stays

Cable Stays provide an added measure of strength to a gangway. This is especially useful when the gangway has the potential to receive extreme horizontal stress. Because of the unparalleled strength of our proprietary piano hinge and our extensive gusseting, Cable Stays are not typically necessary on our gangways. However, certain anchoring situations demand that Cable Stays be utilized.

Float Frames

Float Frames come in a variety of sizes depending on the application: 4' x 4', 4' x 8' and 8' x 14'. Float Frames are useful to elevate one end of a gangway or to join two gangways for extended lengths. The 14' wide float frame provides additional side-to-side stability.

Arched Profile Design

Wahoo Docks is widely recognized for its arched gangways. The pre-stressed arch is a solid, attractive design and is our most common profile.

Flat Profile Design

Flat gangways have become more common for Wahoo in recent years. Customers typically choose a profile design based on personal preference since our flat gangways are just as strong as our arched gangways.


Underbracing is a method of essentially extending the size of the truss supporting the gangway to provide significantly greater strength to the overall structure. We require an underbrace on all spans greater than 60', or when specifications call for greater load-bearing capabilities.