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Marina Layouts

Wahoo Marine offers a host of services to take your waterfront business to the next level.

Our marina dock designs are all CAT 5 strong and can be outfitted to suit your needs. We offer the tried-and-true designs, like fishbone and e-shaped layouts, as well as completely custom docks built to your exacting specifications. Either way, your marina dock will stand the test of time and weather the elements beautifully, year after year. Your Wahoo marina dock is an investment in quality and value!


A 'Fishbone' dock typically has multiple slips on either side of a central walkway. A Fishbone-style design is typically the most cost-effective commercial dock layout and provides the most efficient use of space, as it provides the maximum number of slips within a relatively compact area. This layout is typically used when a multi-slip dock extends perpendicular to the shoreline. Anchoring for this style of dock is typically achieved with pilings or cables and dead weights.

Fishbone Layout Dock
Fishbone Layout Dock #1 Fishbone Layout Dock #2 Fishbone Layout Dock #3 Fishbone Layout Dock #4