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Wahoo Wave

Wahoo Wave: Intelligent Wave Attenuation

Engineered, Double-Walled Corrugated Pipe Wave Attenuator

This patent-pending engineered innovation uses a corrugated pipe as a mechanism for wave attenuation. The assembly is kept afloat either by the pipe itself or by flotation billets placed inside the pipe, thereby eliminating the need for external devices to provide buoyancy.

Background of Wave Attenuators

Floating wave attenuators have been used for many years and come in various forms, from hollow concrete structures to floating docks, with a variety of items hung underneath, including old tires strung together! The Wahoo Wave utilizes a plastic, engineered, double-walled corrugated pipe to provide the performance characteristics, as well as the mechanical structure, which eliminates much of the cost of the system. In addition, the spaces between the walls can provide buoyancy, further reducing the costs.

After assembly and floated to its location, the Wahoo Wave is anchored by traditional cable weights. To enhance the longevity of the system and reduce cable adjustments with fluctuating water levels, the Wahoo Wave systems incorporate . These mooring lines have the most dynamic dampening properties of any elastic mooring line and are up to 20 times stronger than that of market leaders.

The Wahoo Wave is the ideal wave attenuator for sites that need sole-purpose wave attenuation. It provides excellent performance at 30- to 60-percent of the cost of traditional wave attenuation systems. When dual-purpose functionality is needed, such as the attenuator serving as a walking surface or docking facility, a dock can be designed atop the Wahoo Wave.

Summary of Wave Attenuators

By using an engineered, double-walled corrugated pipe, the Wahoo Wave provides both function (wave attenuation) and serves as the structure. In most cases, the pipe also provides the buoyancy for the device. The result is a cost-efficient, highly-effective innovation that is an unmatched value for wave attenuation.

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