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Ocean Spring

What is it?

Ocean Spring force testing graph

Ocean Spring is an elastic mooring rode that is placed in a series with new or existing cable or rope anchoring. The rode is made using a 3-layer design to achieve maximum performance and longevity characteristics.

The inner core is an extruded rubber cylinder around which is braided a fabric sheath, and finally a thin rubber outer layer is added on the exterior to protect the system from the elements. When the Ocean Spring is attached to a line and a force is applied, the whole assembly stretches.

As it elongates, the diameter of the inner rubber core and the braided sheath is reduced. Because of the braid angle of the sheath, its diameter is reduced at a faster rate than the diameter of the rubber core. This causes increased resistance as the assembly is stretched - resulting in a smooth force-resistant curve.

Why it's better

FEWER ADJUSTMENTS - Ocean Spring can reduce or even eliminate cable anchoring adjustments. Because it has a useful working range that stretches 50% of its length, properly designed systems can accommodate wide-ranging water fluctuations without the need for winch adjustments.

SUPERIOR SHOCK ABSORPTION - Ocean Spring acts as a shock absorber on floating structures, reducing the constant pounding found with pile, cable-only, and other common types of floating dock anchoring. Because the tension gets progressively higher, it reduces the jarring impact and force on the dock.

INCREASED DOCK STABILITY - Ocean Spring maintains a constant downward and side force on the dock, reducing the impact of wave action on docks. In conjunction with the weight inertia of a floating structure, this applied force opposite a wave reduces the instability of a floating dock.

Technical Specifications

Water Fluctuation

Ocean Spring comes in custom lengths and can accommodate wide ranging water fluctuations depending on anchor scope and the water. In most circumstances, we can provide a specific length that will create adequate anchoring without the need for adjustments.

Load Bearing Capacity

Ocean Spring can accommodate a wide range of loading situations because hawsers can be added in parallel. When multiple hawsers are connected, the resistance to movement is linearly adjusted for the number of hawsers used.

Simple Online Calculator

Our engineering team has already done the calculations about Oceanspring for you! Using our , all you need to do is plug in numbers for the size of your dock, water levels, and average current speeds and we'll tell you what sizes your Oceanspring would be.